Death of a Salesman revolves around an old salesman, Willy Loman, and his family who demonstrate a New York family's dreams and the reality of their lives. The storyline features Willy Loman, an average guy who attempts to hide his averageness and failures behind delusions of grandeur as he strives to be a "success."

Failing in gaining any money from his numerous business trips, Willy is suggested by his wife, Linda, to ask for a job in New York therefore Willy wouldnt need to travel as far. With the thought of himself as a valuable salesman, which goes against what he really is, Willy believes getting a new job would be beneficial. Yet much to his disappointed he is asked to take some time off instead. We begin to learn some family background and hear about Willy and Lindas grown sons, Biff and Happy. Biff has just returned home from working as a farmhand in the West. Willy thinks Biff could easily be rich and successful, but is wasting his talents and needs to get on track.

Later during the play, we see how something wrong with Willy, through numerous flashbacks and talking to images as well as ranting endlessly alert Biff and Happy that their father has changed. With this in consideration, Biff decides to ask for a loan from a past employer in order to fix things up with his dad and help with the household. Yet this turns out unsuccessful as the employer couldnt even remember him. Woken up by Willys rant in the middle of the night, Linda finally confesses to her sons that Willy is attempting suicide. This proceeds to arguing between the boys with their father after when he returns.

This play soon leads to more conflicting matters, spoiler secrets and the seriousness of Willys mental health coming into play, whilst still exploring concepts of The American Dream, abandonment and betrayal.

Death of A Salesman is a fine example of American literature; a play that explores the theme of the 'American Dream'

Death Of A Salesman

BY Arthur Miller



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